where we are located

The Firm

Cayce & Grove has relocated our main offices to Maple Valley! Unless otherwise discussed, please assume that all appointments are at the Maple Valley location.


22443 SE 240th Street | Suite 101
Maple Valley, Washington 98031

Cayce & Grove has been serving the Maple Valley + Black Diamond community for nearly 40 years. This office is located in the heart of Maple Valley in the Capstone Building. Getting to this office is easy, and parking is a breeze. Enter through the double doors in the center of the building, take the hallway to the left and you will see our door. 

The Mail Box

22443 SE 240th St. | Suite 101  Maple Valley, WA 98038Cayce & Grove also accepts cash, check, and most cards. 

The Courthouse

What courthouse you will be in depends on your own specific matter. The links can help you identify your court date and directions to the courthouse.

  • Renton Municipal Courthouse
  • Finding your court date: Use this search to find out when you need to appear in district or municipal court. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities (docket).