This past weekend Cayce & Grove Law Offices was a Hope Sponsor for the the Valley Girls + Guys auction, benefitting the team’s 3Day Walk fund raising goal. As part of the sponsorship we drew up a list of the “Key Times in Life to See an Attorney” — we’ve posted it below for all. Go check out the Valley Girls + Guys facebook page for more information on how to support the team!

  • YOU HAVE CHILDREN: Naming a guardian for your children allows you to select the environment they will be raised in and directs your assets according to your wishes.
  • FACING EXTENDED OR INTRUSIVE MEDICAL CARE: We don’t like to plan for these things, but no matter our age or current health, planning for your medical care will lift a heavy and potentially costly burden off of your family. A living will (health care directive) informs your family of your specific wishes if they are faced with making significant medical decisions for you. An attorney can guide you through this process to ensure that your family will not have to make a decision that you have not accounted for.
  • REACHING MIDDLEAGE OR FACING ILLNESS: A Durable Power of Attorney is needed for financial + medical care to avoid the need of guardianship. You should be the one to choose who represents your interests rather than a judge who does not know you.
  • YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH A MIP OR MINOR INTOXICATED OR POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: The consequences of such charges can be quite severe, ranging from suspension of driving privileges until age 21 to High Risk Insurance, mandatory jail time, and loss or denial of federal student aid.
  • FACING THE LOSS OR HAVE LOST A LOVED ONE: An Attorney will help with knowing how to pass their estate on and protect against creditors. There are many alternatives to probate that you can explore with an attorney too. This ensures your estate goes where you want it to go, while avoiding cost and potential fraudulent claims of creditors.
  • WHENEVER YOUR LICENSEMAYBE AT RISK: If you find yourself behind in Child Support, been investigated for driving under the influence (even if not charged), or just too many traffic infractions in a 3 year period.  You need an attorney to help identify the potential problems and help you solve them before you lose your driving privilege or commercial driving privilege.
  • DEALING WITH PROPERTY LINE ISSUES: If issues arise about encroachments on property lines it is important to have an attorney help ensure that your best interests are represented.
  • BUYING OR SELLING A BUSINESS OR REAL ESTATE: Attorneys can strictly represent you and help protect your investment.
  • YOU ARE GOING INTO BUSINESS: An attorney can help you explore different forms of conducting business, allowing you to protect your own personal assets from the risk of running a business. A proper agreement between you and your partners will protect you, ease the process of potentially terminating the business, and help avoid needless, yet costly, litigation.