It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Which, for many, also means holiday celebrations that include alcohol. This weekend the Washington State Patrol will partner with City and County police agencies across the State for the twenty-first annual traffic safety emphasis patrol. The “Night of a 1,000 Stars,” as the patrol is referred to by the agencies, means that nearly 1,000 officers will be patrolling for impaired drivers both on the ground and by the sky using the WSP camera equipped airplane.

Cayce & Grove Law Offices prefers that you plan ahead and always use a designated driver. However, if you are pulled over and have had any alcohol whatsoever you will most likely be taken to the precinct for a breathalyzer test. Make it easier on yourself in the long run by following these simple rules:

When the Officer approaches your vehicle, have the window down and your hands visibly on the steering wheel.

Do not answer any questions, but do hand over your Driver’s License, Registration, and Proof of Insurance. So when the Officer asks you, “Have you had anything to drink tonight?” Do not say, “Officer, I only had two drinks over dinner” or “I only had one Cocoa and Schnapps” thinking it will make the situation better. Avoid the temptation to get chatty.

Respectfully decline taking any Field Sobriety Tests. Field sobriety tests are difficult for even the most well-rested and sober person with perfect balance to pass, you should respectfully decline to take the tests.

If you are taken to the Precinct, be sure to clearly and unequivocally request an attorney. In Washington, your statement requesting a lawyer must be unequivocal.

Do take the breath test. Often times people will refuse to take the blow test thinking it will help them, quite the opposite. Do agree to take the breath test at the precinct.

We at Cayce & Grove wish you a wonderful, safe Christmas season without any DUI infractions!