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New Parents + Familes:  How to Protect Your Family

Is it necessary?

If you have children, Estate Planning is necessary — regardless of how much you make, what you own, or how “big” your estate is. Simply put, a Will designates who will care for your children should anything happen to you and your spouse. By planning today, you can avoid the court potentially deciding who should raise your little (or not so little!) ones. Beyond appointing a guardian, Estate Planning ensures that your affairs are handled by a trusted person, that any money or possessions are preserved for your children and spent in keeping with your wishes.

Can we just do a form online?

Yes, technically you could just fill out a form online. But, then you are just filling out form — you will not know, until it is too late, whether the form was completed properly or if it accounted for the specifics of your own family. Don’t get us wrong, “DIY” is great … and there are lots of tasks in life where DIY makes sense … but when it comes to safeguarding your kids, we just don’t think DIY legal work is wise. An attorney, whether it is us or someone else, is trained to listen to you and spot issues that you may not even be aware of. The benefit of taking the time to work with a professional who is versed in helping parents plan ahead far outweighs the convenience of using a one-size-fits-all online form.

So, why Cayce & Grove?

  • We want you to be comfortable with the process — to start we will have you come in and tell us about your family and your wishes. We’ll talk for about 30 to 60 minutes, guiding you through the decision making process but also giving you plenty of space to process on your own if needed. If you want, we even have a questionnaire that we can send out ahead of your appointment to help facilitate a conversation with you and your significant other or just to get your mind on track with what we will be talking about.
  • Let’s be honest: No one wants to talk about end of life planning, especially not Moms and Dads to young children — so our approach at Cayce & Grove is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Planning around your busy schedules and even making house calls or meeting in a coffee shop if it is easier for you. Once we meet, we’ll draft the documents, email them to you for review, then we will meet once again to sign. Then that is it — the process will all be over, you can stow the documents away safely and not need to address the matter again unless something changes.

Want to know a little more?

  • New Baby + Family Checklist
  • The “I’m Not a Lawyer, Explain This to Me Please” handout showing you the basics of Estate Planning [coming soon!]

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