Employers: Protecting Your Business via Employee Social Media Policies

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Legal blog JD Supra posted a great article, "Employers Can Discipline Employees For Certain Social Media Activity" by Beth P. Zoller recently regarding Social Media Policies. We often remind our clients that doing business in the Social [...]

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Grandma & Grandpa: Targets for Fraud?

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At Cayce & Grove, we work to help you protect yourselves and your family by being proactive. A reoccurring theme has been addressing Elder Abuse.  Forbes Magazine recently explored why it is that older folks tend to be [...]

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Sunset Clause & Taxes

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This January the New Year may mark a rise taxes as well. Time and time again, we sit down with clients for Estate Planning meetings and the conversation turns to taxes. Sadly we do not have a crystal ball (we're [...]

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Digital Planning: Helping others help you.

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One “bump” in the medical crisis road includes what happens if the patient is unable to manage their own finances or electronic accounts during the course of treatment. Because so many of us rely upon email for communication and even file taxes, monitor various investments, and conduct our banking online this is a very relevant and valid concern that needs to be thought about ahead of time.

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We the People …

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Today marked the first official day of Cayce & Grove’s 12th season of volunteering our time with Tahoma High School’s We The People program. We The People is a civic education program funded by the Center [...]

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Protecting Your Children

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By planning properly today, you will be able to ensure your family is cared for according to your wishes and values. Using a pre-made form risks planning and drafting errors that could have last a lasting impact on your young children.

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